Access personalised, relevant, supportive professional learning

Every lesson is an opportunity for you to learn and develop, just as it is for your students. Like your students, you need ongoing, personalised learning opportunities that are tailored to you.

With our your own personal account in IRIS Connect and our teacher friendly video technology, you have access to everything you need for powerful professional learning, wherever you are and whenever you need it.

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Access expertise

Access theory using Groups, so you can learn about successful strategies in your own time and at your own pace.


Model practice

Watch model practice videos from your community that have been shared with you or Groups you’re part of, helping you link theory and practice.



Securely record your lessons, reflect privately and use analysis tools for deeper insight into what works.

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Lesson observation

Make lesson observations developmental and teacher-led; give and receive contextualised feedback and feel in control of the process with our secure, permission-based system.

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Coaching and mentoring

Receive richer feedback and take part in more focused discussions by filming and sharing your lessons. You can even participate in supported remote live-coaching, if you choose to.

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Collaborate with peers and teacher learning communities to identify, embed and share successful teaching strategies that have been found to improve classroom outcomes.

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