Developing a world-class profession & school-led system

IRIS Connect helps professionals tap into the knowledge and expertise that exists in the education system as well as feed back and contribute to the wider community.

We support you to build a stronger, more sustainable school-led system that attracts, trains, develops and retains high quality teachers.  

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Engage in research

Engage with research projects such as Lesson Study, that are taking place between schools and universities and disseminate findings within the wider community via Groups.

Enrich teacher training

Forge connections between schools and universities, improve quality assurance and give more frequent, lower cost opportunities for modeling, observation and mentoring.

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Support other schools

Cut the cost and increase the quality of school to school support by sharing resources and exemplar video clips over distance and providing remote coaching.  

Develop future leaders

Confidently identify, nurture and grow outstanding leaders by providing coaching and mentoring opportunities.

Make expertise accessible

Give all of your staff on-demand access to external expertise that is tailored to their needs, at lower cost than traditional CPD activities.

Cut the cost of collaboration

Open up a wealth of collaborative opportunities for less by eliminating lesson cover and travel costs and sharing securely with our platform.

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