Build on your strengths and deliver whole school improvement

Whatever your school’s focus, we want to help you achieve rapid and sustained whole school improvement at an affordable price.

This works best when everyone is moving forward together. We’ll help you to create a common vision, increase the impact and reduce the cost of professional development by taking advantage of the excellence that already exists in your school.

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Free up time

Overcome the timetable constraints of lesson observation, peer coaching and projects such as Lesson Study by securely sharing video via our platform.

Create a shared vision

Ensure all of your teachers have a common understanding of what great teaching and learning looks like by making exemplar video clips easily accessible via Groups.

Do more for less

Unleash the skills, knowledge and experience of your staff for personalised in-house CPD. Tap into external expertise at a lower cost than traditional teacher training courses.

Develop your learning culture

Support your teachers to get talking about teaching and learning, sharing practice and positively engaging in coaching and mentoring using our platform.

Recruit, train and retain great staff

Create a supportive environment for career long professional learning for everyone from trainees and NQTs to aspiring leaders.

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Make more of your network

Reduce the cost and increase the impact of school-to-school sharing and support by enabling meaningful, secure collaboration online.

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