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Teaching Schools

Teaching Schools and IRIS Connect in 2014

How do you develop a sustainable approach to deliver impact across the 6 areas of teaching school responsibility?

IRIS Connect was born out of the same research as teaching schools and has been developed to increase the impact and reduce the cost of school to school support and CPD collaboration by using market leading video lesson observation technology.

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How we support the Big 6:

number 1 Trainees can be observed in real time and live coached over distance. They can share lessons with tutors, mentors and peers for contextualised feedback and discussion. PGCE students at Latchmere Teaching School said the use of IRIS Connect "was one of the most useful experiences".

number 2Peers can coach each other, engage in lesson study activities and reflect objectively on teaching and learning, all without disrupting the timetable or needing to travel.

number 3Leadership potential and outstanding practitioners can be identified and skills can be disseminated across the whole alliance.

number 4Being cloud-based, the platform enables school-to-school collaboration without the cost of travel and lesson cover. A shared library of practise can be developed for all teachers in the alliance to access.

number 5SLEs can feed skills and knowledge back into the community; modelling practice via group libraries and observing and coaching less experienced teacher over distance.

number 6IRIS Connect is a key research tool within multi-million dollar education research programmes worldwide. The system enables you to produce data which is authentic, objective and shareable.

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