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Why renew?

The research is clear: great professional learning helps teachers deliver better outcomes for their pupils and keeps them happy, motivated and in the profession.

The developments we’ve made to our technology mean that you now have all the tools and support you need to revolutionise learning outcomes. Giving you a cost effective and sustainable way to support professional growth.



*This offer is only applicable for IRIS Connect customers in the 14 months prior to their renewal date and if they are renewing for a further 3 or 5 years. 

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Growing community

Our community has gone from strength to strength and seen huge impact on both teacher and pupil outcomes. We’ve helped our users build cultures of collaboration and develop NQTs at an accelerated rate and more.

Evolving technology


We’ve evolved our technology dramatically, building new tools to go beyond  simple video reflection and sharing to enable every component of effective professional learning.

Better support

We can better support you in achieving and measuring the success of IRIS Connect in your school through our Teaching is Learning Programme; a FREE adoption and support programme.

      3-stars 1-stars

“I can’t praise the support we’ve had from IRIS Connect over the past three years highly enough. Their patience, timely response and knowledge has been invaluable. They even solved a LAN issue for free that our IT support company had quoted us £8000 for. There’s no question about whether we’ll renew or not, just when.” 

 – John Bannister, Networks Manager at St John Bosco Arts College


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