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“IRIS Connect costs a fraction of what we had previously spent and the impact has been significantly better

Andrew Manley, Headteacher at Cefn and Craig yr Hesg Primary School

Our packages include everything you need to make video reflection and collaboration a success: whole school licences for your personalised professional learning platform, simple video capture tools, implementation and on-going support to see real impact.

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Contact us to get tailored pricing for your organisation.

The prices quoted above include a whole school licence, a Discovery Kit, full access to training support, installation and on-going implementation support. These are based on annual payment as part of a 3 year contract and will vary depending on the size of your school.

* A Primary School with less than 230 pupils
** A Secondary School with less than 1,000 pupils

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Give your staff access to every component of effective professional learning, whenever they need it.


What do our prices include?

Whole school licence

Everyone deserves great professional learning opportunities, which is why our platform licence gives every member of your team their own private, secure account on our platform.  

+ Integrated video technology

Our camera systems make it easy to capture classroom footage and take care of automatically and securely uploading videos to your personal account.  

+ Groups

Subscribe to Groups that align with your school improvement objectives, giving your teachers access to external expertise and model practice any time, anywhere.  

+ Training and support

Our initial training ensures your team are confident using IRIS Connect and our free implementation support helps you embed IRIS Connect to see impact on outcomes.

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