Lesson Observations

Powerful Lesson Observations

We know that lesson observations are one of the most powerful strategies to raise standards of teaching and learning, but only when teachers are empowered in the process.

As advocates of developmental lesson observation, we help you to make the shift from a ‘done to’, to a ‘done with’ model, allowing you to tap into and disseminate the great teaching and learning happening in your school and beyond.

For video lesson observation to be effective it’s vital that teachers are 100% in control of the process. That’s why we’ve placed permissioning at the heart of our secure cloud based platform. There is no super user login. The classroom observation videos that teachers create are all theirs.

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Benefits of video lesson observation:

  • Self observation - with video you can observe your own lessons for a deeper level of self-reflection which you can refer back to any time
  • Time for peer observation - filming your lessons will help you to make time for peer observation without having to arrange lesson cover. This will help you and your colleagues share practice more regularly
  • Increases authenticity- the dynamic of your class won't be altered by the presence of an in-class observer or moving to an observation classroom; you can simply continue teaching as you would normally
  • Discussions based on real events- see what actually happened in the lesson rather than relying on recollection and potentially conflicting accounts. This helps you to build trust, valuable dialogue and stronger working relationships making for much more powerful lesson observations for you

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