IRIS Connect Discovery Day at Halifax High School

The day saw 75 educators, representing 50 schools from across the region coming together to discover how other schools are using IRIS Connect as well as to share their own experiences. It was fantastic to see such enthusiasm from so many teachers across the North of England, representing the already large and dynamic growing IRIS Community in the region not to mention the country as a whole.

As well as plenty of opportunity for schools to network and share, we also had a fantastic keynote from Mike Fleetham, education consultant and inspiring user of IRIS Connect’s remote coaching feature. In his session, Mike shared three effective CPD strategies including improving lesson rhythms, auditing your CPD and remote coaching. Read a recent guest blog from Mike, “The Role of a Coach”.

We would like to say a big thank-you to all of the schools that shared their use of IRIS Connect, highlighting effective strategies for implementation and sharing innovative uses and great ideas for improving teaching and learning. On top of that a special thanks to all of the teachers and students at Halifax High School who hosted us wonderfully!

For photos of the day please visit out Facebook Album.