What does effective professional development look like?

Decades of research shows that traditional forms of professional development are ineffective at improving outcomes for teachers and students. To learn, develop and embed new practices, teachers need to be able to engage with all of the components of effective adult learning; from access to theory, to feedback and coaching.

Our research-led video platform makes it affordable and scalable to access all the activities shown by research to improve classroom practice.

Research about IRIS Connect and further reading

download the shaping cpd report research

Live remote coaching found to be ‘transformative’ for teachers


Research into video lesson observation with MirandaNetResearch conducted by MirandaNet found that using video technology to coach teachers in a positive, reflective and learning culture can enhance teacher practice and help reduce attrition rates.

It found that:

    – 99% of teachers reported an increase in conversations between teachers about teaching in their school;

    – 96% felt they were willing to take more risks;

    – 94% said their teaching had improved;

    – 88% felt there had been a positive impact on collaboration;

    – 88% said their confidence had risen;

Download the research paper here


Going beyond CPD moves the discussion from the importance of effective CPD for individual teachers (building human capital) to the importance of collaboration (building social capital). Read more >

From Professor Christina Preston, of the University of Bedfordshire and the MirandaNet Fellowship. This 1st paper summarises the findings from the initial phase of her research. Read more >

Education Endowment Fund Research Project

This project will work with a group of schools that are already using IRIS Connect to pilot a programme, which could then be shared with a wider set of schools and tested as part of a randomised controlled trial. Read more…

Inside this toolkit you’ll find practical guidance for education practitioners on using video observations to help teachers accelerate their development. Read more…

Further research and reading:IRIS Connect platform

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