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We have a network of world class education consultants and coaches who are trained to support classroom practice both onsite and remotely via IRIS Connect. Have a browse of our consultants’ profiles below.


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Mike Fleetham – Thinking Classroom

When I first used IRIS Connect and its remote in-ear coaching facility I felt like a carpenter discovering powertools for the first time.

Mike fleetham education consultantsMike Fleetham is a highly respected learning design consultant and author who works with teachers and learners to make education more effective, relevant and enjoyable. His ‘Thinking Classroom’ concept and associated books and website have inspired tens of thousands of educators worldwide to enrich their teaching without compromising existing good practice.

As well as having a busy training and conference schedule Mike regularly teaches learners of all ages (from Year R to Year 13) in schools. Mike is a near-fanatical advocate of IRIS Connect technology because it gives his work far greater impact and sustainability, and allows him to support schools remotely.


  • Outstanding Lesson Design, Delivery and Analysis
  • IRIS Connect Remote In-Ear Coaching
  • Gifted, Able & Talented Provision
  • Raising Boys’ Achievement
  • Aspiring and Middle Leadership Development and LT Enrichment
  • Thinking Skills & Creative Curriculum
  • Multiple Intelligences, Learning Styles and Mindset
  • Developing Learning Communities
  • ITT and NQT Support
  • Bespoke Conference Keynotes and Workshops
  • Specialist Team Leader for Short Term Development Projects

Find out more about the packages Mike offers or watch his coaching case studies:

Oak Hill Case Study  Braunstone Case Study Mikes website

Please give us a call on 08453 038 578  or get in touch to find out more about our consultants and how they can support you with IRIS Connect.

John Bayley

john bayley iris connect education consultantsJohn Bayley is the acknowledged expert on Behaviour and Learning Management in schools and is a popular keynote speaker at National and International events. John’s popularity with teachers stems from his powerful and entertaining training presentations, and his featuring in more than eighty programs in the regular spot “Teaching with Bayley” on Teachers TV. In his teaching days, OFSTED described his leadership of the Learning Support Service & Pupil Referral Unit in Southwark as “outstanding”.

John has been a delivery tutor for courses on Positive Behaviour Management and Special Needs Support at the London Institute for Education. He is the Lead Behaviour Professional for London Challenge and is Project Leader on the Secondary Classroom Reading Project at the London Institute of Education. John has led, and continues to inspire, school improvement programmes in hundreds of LAs, academies, schools and colleges.

Expert review of lesson video has been a key feature in John’s work for a long time. IRIS Connect has enabled him and his colleagues to take this vital ‘immediate’ feedback to a significantly more effective level. The ability to collaborate over any distance, without fuss, has helped transform whole groups of schools – and saved him and them a lot of money!


  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Strategic Achievement Coach – Teaching, Learning & Behaviour
  • Leadership and Whole School Management Consultancy
  • Teacher & Student Observation Strategies and Skills

Please give us a call on 08453 038 578 or get in touch to find out more about our consultants and how they can support you with IRIS Connect.

Tom Barwood – Likeminds Consultancy

tom barwood likeminds consulting education consultantsTom came into teaching with one intention in mind – to be an inspiration. After six years in the classroom he took that goal further by stepping into the world of freelance training with schools. Initially he worked on his student Learn to Learn programme which was hugely successful. After a while a lot of teachers and schools started to ask if he ‘could do with them what he had done with the kids’ and so he then added staff development to his portfolio which led to requests for keynotes at conferences.

Today Tom has travelled the world and worked with every type of pupil in every type of school imaginable, but he has remained true to his desire to be an inspiration. Many schools say that his refreshing and knowledgeable style bring a real ray of light into the school and has really helped to fundamentally alter their conversation about learning. With this still in mind, Tom is currently training to be a schools inspector.

Tom is also highly versed in the arts of coaching and has successfully helped a number of schools with programmes to move from good to outstanding. IRIS Connect technology is the next logical step for him in providing sustainable school transformation where it matters most – in the classroom. Tom is the author of the bestselling Teachers Pocketbook ‘Learning to Learn’ which is now in its second edition and available worldwide, in five different languages.


  • Changing the conversation about learning in your school
  • Methods of addressing student disaffection especially amongst underperforming boys
  • Looking at methods of stretching more able learners
  • Differentiation within lessons
  • Creating powerful plenaries and purposeful AfL
  • Coaching the ‘hard to shift’
  • Departmental coaching plans
  • Creativity in the curriculum
  • P4C and Thinking Skills
  • Strategic school development
  • What outstanding teaching and learning look like

Please give us a call on 08453 038 578 or get in touch to find out more about our consultants and how they can support you with IRIS Connect.

Maria Dennis – Diverse Difference

maria dennis diverse difference education consultantsMaria works with you to understand your goals and objectives and designs a programme based upon your needs. She will leave you with tools to feed into and improve everyday teaching and your on-going professional development.

Outcomes for Teachers:

  • Better understanding of your personality; your self-perception, how others see you and your intrinsic motivations
  • Gaining insight into how these influences and shape your teaching style
  • Discovering strategies that work for you to adapt and improve your teaching and help you manage stress

Outcomes for Leaders:

  • Gaining a sophisticated knowledge of your personality and how this affects your leadership style
  • Being coached in how to use your insights to improve relationships, performance and culture
  • Accessing advice and support on school improvement, culture change and business management

The Diverse Essentials package involves:

  • Undertaking a personality profiling exercise online
  • Capturing your lesson using IRIS Connect and sharing it with our consultant
  • Receiving written feedback on your profie and lesson observation
  • An in-depth feedback discussion to idenitify your areas for development

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Please give us a call on 08453 038 578 or get in touch to find out more about our consultants and how they can support you with IRIS Connect.

Lizzie Overton – Enliven Education

lizzie overton iris connect education consultantsLizzie Overton founded Enliven Education to advise and train individuals and organisations on how to replace assembly line thinking with the habits of learning we all need for a successful and sustainable future. She has worked as a practicing teacher in London, Nottingham and Cambridge in schools that span the socio-economic and cultural diversity of the UK.

Lizzie was Headteacher of the Lewes New School in East Sussex for five years, where she pioneered a unique approach to teaching that was led by the collective curiosity and imagination of the group. Outcomes included exceptionally high levels of motivation and engagement; an almost complete absence of disruptive behaviour and strong achievement across a broad and exciting curriculum.

“Lizzie’s wellpaced, hugely well resourced and researched training provides you with the tools to do just that. If you are wanting to effect change that lasts, I can’t recommend Lizzie highly enough: her humour and rigour are the perfect combination to move teachers forward through a collaborative, supported process towards the cognitive and practical shifts that will make all the difference.”

Pippa Marriott, Head of Lower School, Sir Williams Perkins School


  • Building resilient mindsets for successful lifelong learning
  • Embedding good habits of learning
  • The power of collaboration
  • Purposeful project based learning
  • Creative solutions for challenging behaviour
  • Creativity and rigour

Find out more about the services provided by Enliven Education.

On-going coaching and support

To ensure new techniques are embedded into practice and developed in the long term, Lizzie offers follow up coaching and support via IRIS Connect as a bolt-on to her training packages.This can be tailored to your needs; whether it’s for an individual teacher or a group, over a half-term or a whole year.

Please give us a call on 08453 038 578 or get in touch to find out more about our consultants and how they can support you with IRIS Connect.

Andrew Gunn

andrew gunn iris connect education consultantsAndrew works two days a week in St Mark’s Primary school, which is now designated as a Teaching School and he is an independent education consultant during the rest of the week. He was recently awarded the status of Master Teacher by the Computing at School group. He has been a strong advocate of IRIS Connect from the early days and has always promoted it as tool to help teachers develop further their skills. He now uses the system in his own class to great effect. He is a highly regarded and skilled teacher and trainer who has run a large number of courses in East Sussex.

Andrew was a local authority Teaching and Learning adviser for ICT and previously taught in 3 secondary schools for 16 years, including as Head of Modern Foreign Languages. He has delivered and coordinated a number of national and local initiatives including the New Opportunities Funded (NOF) training, KS3 National Strategy for ICT, county laptop for teachers’ scheme, learning platform project, the Self Review Framework and now offers a range of computing courses and support to help schools prepare for the new curriculum.


  • Preparing for the new computing curriculum
  • Programming in a range of software including: Logo, Flowol, Logicator, Lego WeDo, 2DIY, Scratch, Kodu, MIT App Inventor, Gamemaker and Appshed
  • Strategic leadership for ICT across the curriculum in the local authority, alliances of schools, academies and federations
  • Promoting the use of effective technology across all subjects
  • Use of learning platforms
  • Working with senior leadership teams on designing the curriculum for new schools
  • Successful leadership of teams of staff
  • Modern Foreign Languages
  • Accredited trainer for the LIFE Cloud and Games for Life
  • CEOP Ambassador for e-safety
  • When not working he loves playing sport and hiking in wilderness areas.

Please give us a call on 08453 038 578 or get in touch to find out more about our consultants and how they can support you with IRIS Connect.

Andrew Weymouth

 I am really excited by the opportunities for IRIS Connect to make a significant difference to how we support the professional development of teachers. The technology removes the well-rehearsed obstacles to peer review, adds value through the tools it provides …and importantly… puts the teacher firmly in control.

andrew weymouth iris connect education consultantsAndy brings a wealth of experience from senior leadership roles in schools, universities, teacher training, government agencies and the Department for Education (DfE). The main focus of his work over the past decade has been around supporting schools to ensure progression for all children, especially those from vulnerable groups, and the CPD for staff to strengthen pedagogy to make this aim a reality.

Following teaching and senior leadership roles in schools, Andy ran initial and on-going teacher training courses at Bath Spa University before joining the National Strategies where he was responsible for leading national, flagship programmes including the ‘ICT across the curriculum’, ‘Strengthening pedagogy’ and ‘Mobile learning with technology’ programmes. Andy offers a range of services to schools. Drawing from his experience and knowledge Andy has put together a bespoke offering to IRIS Connect schools.


  • Provision Mapping
  • Project and Programme Management
  • Identifying CPD Needs
  • Teacher Training
  • School Leadership & Management
  • Strengthening Pedagogy
  • Supporting Vulnerable Groups

Please give us a call on 08453 038 578 or get in touch to find out more about our consultants and how they can support you with IRIS Connect.

Incyte International

Incyte International Ltd are one of the country’s leading school improvement organisations with over 150 high quality consultants covering all aspects of school improvement, across all regions and in all types of schools.


      • School Improvement
      • Self Evaluations
      • The World Class Teacher Award and Whole School CPD
      • Performance Management
      • Coaching & Mentoring
      • Safeguarding
      • SEN & Subject specialisms

Click here to find out more about Incyte International.

Please give us a call on 08453 038 578 or get in touch to find out more about our consultants and how they can support you with IRIS Connect.


SMaR+ (Specialists in Mathematical Reasoning and Thinking) are a provider of high quality mathematics professional development for Early Years professionals and Primary School practitioners. SMaR+ are committed to promoting the teaching of primary mathematics using fun and stimulating tasks and activities which will help pupils, not only improve their mathematical reasoning and thinking, but also increase their enjoyment of the subject.

SMaR+ uses a group of specialist, independent Early Years and Primary mathematics education consultants all of whom are sympathetic to SMaR+’s principles and values. SMaR+ aspires to provide high quality professional development for early years and primary teachers (and other professionals in primary schools) using a range of approaches including courses,conferences, INSET and sustained support. It is through sustained support that SMaR+ can offer a partnership with IRIS Connect – providing face to face and remote support using the IRIS Connect interface.


  • Developing mathematical problem solving and reasoning in KS1&2
  • Mathematics in the Early Years
  • Developing creative approaches to teaching mathematics KS1&2
  • Improving calculating through mathematical thinking KS1&2
  • Primary NQT and Mathematics Subject Leader support
  • Stretching More able pupils in mathematics KS1&2
  • Inspiring Conference Keynotes in mathematics KS1&2
  • Bespoke maths INSET

Click here to find out more about SMaR+.

Please give us a call on 08453 038 578 or get in touch to find out more about our consultants and how they can support you with IRIS Connect.

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