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Going Beyond CPD: Tony Parkin

Posted on 23rd Jul 14 by Kate Herbert Smith

What are the intrinsic educational benefits of using technology? What can it offer education that nothing else can? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this informative interview with Educational Technologist and Disruptive Nostalgist, Tony Parkin.

6 Teacher Tips for Using Video CPD

Posted on 18th Jul 14 by Rosie Neill

During our summer commuity conferences we gathered some 'top tips' from teachers using IRIS Connect for their CPD. Read on to find out what they said worked in their schools...

Closing the Teaching Gap

Posted on 14th Jul 14 by Kate Herbert Smith

With international comparisons on the quality of teaching and learning regularly in the news, we decided to take a closer look at the way other countries educate compared to the UK.

England’s CPD: Requires ...

Posted on 10th Jul 14 by Rosie Neill

How can we give teachers more time to engage in meaningful CPD that will impact on classroom outcomes? Discover what we can learn from the Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS). 

Done with, not to: shifting the ...

Posted on 4th Jul 14 by Kate Herbert Smith

How can you move your practice to outstanding in 6 weeks and eradicate satisfactory teaching from your school in 2 years? Just two of the questions answered at our recent community conferences. 

Going Beyond CPD: Ross McGill

Posted on 24th Jun 14 by Kate Herbert Smith

Teacher Toolkit, AKA Ross McGill, talks exclusively to IRIS Connect in our latest Going Beyond CPD Podcast.

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